About us

The Indian Age, owned and led by our editor-in-chief Suresh Palamel, has inherited a rich tradition of journalism and is carrying on the same pursuit of excellence for today’s times. The Indian Age is started in the year 2000. Indian Age has been catering to the needs of readers from all walks of life over the last two decades. It was only due to the whole-hearted support and guidance from our readers, well wishers and the valued support we continue to receive from the Government, Trade and Industry to overwhelming and has contributed immensely to the growth and recognition and of this Magazine to its present strength. In this task, the members of our Editorial Team have taken keen interest to introduce themes of topical interest and have accomplished a miraculous job to cover a wide spectrum of subjects after a thorough study and research into the reading habits of the public at large and the latest developments. 

Our Magazine gives latest news and coverage on regional, national and international development, in particular, it dwells at length on Global Economy and Business, and touches upon all relevant Social Issues including Environment, Health, Education, Legal etc.

We are also publishing books. At present we have published Four Novels (English) of reputed writers from South Asia. The company has built its reputation on vision, commitment to quality, exceptional reliability and outstanding customer service. The group is well positioned to provide its customers with the technology they will need for the new millennium.

We render the services of designing, printing, ad campaigns, industrial photography, exhibition stall designing, product presentation, animation ads, company profiles, video-audio presentation CD’s etc.

In other words, combine Brand Design with Business Strategy, and you have the making of a market success story, in your organization. We exemplify the emergence of compact creative teams that provide professional, cost-effective brand solutions.

Driven by an expert team of design professionals, we are fast establishing a reputation for world class projects carried out with cost-effective solutions to empower corporate growth. We are committed to ‘building brands’, by providing our client-companies with image-creation initiative that are cost effective and quality driven in proven time.